Perth, WA: Perth’s Fringe World Festival is just around the corner – that means there are plenty of quality shows and events to attend.  Laugh Mob are delivering four quality comedy shows for the festival, which received glowing reviews and the award for Best Comedy Show at the prestigious UK-based 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  
Now, they’re back in Australia – with their award-winning shows and a huge number of performances!  Laugh Mob are bringing the comedy to Perth with 4 award winning shows spanning over 35 performances at The Hidden Bar & Freo Royale.  Having sold out these shows in Edinburgh, UK earlier in 2016, Perth is in for a hilarious treat.


Their line-up of international comedians like Kyle Legacy (UK, writer of Russell Brand’s “Brand X” show), Ruven Govender (NZ, TEDX Presenter) and Sydneysider Sam Kissajukian (Comedian of Year, 2016) ensure their repertoire of stand-up entertainment is guaranteed for laughs.


We would like to invite you to come to our opening night at The Hidden Bar:


Media Contacts: If you would like to attend any of our show openings, please contact Kyle Meloche for complimentary tickets.  Simply tell us what company you’re from and your full name so we can ensure your ticket is confirmed.


More Information: Please visit our official website at Laugh Mob for more about our shows, or visit the official Fringe World Festival website.  Tickets are available now for $20 plus booking fees.