It’s 2017 and we’re desperately grasping for any level of good news that we can find.  Luckily, comedian Sam Kissajukian has been up to plenty of good things, some that will make you laugh and others that will make you cry.  Our team interviewed Sam to get his take on 2016 and what we can expect from comedian Sam Kissajukian in the year ahead.

So, firstly tell us a little bit about yourself. Who are you?

I’m a medium sized man with big dreams. An Italian-Armenian hipster trash bag with loose lips aimed at silly ships. I’ve been attacked by thirteen wild animals including three sharks. I studied pure maths but also buckled my collar bone trying to exit my underwear through the leg loop. I like techno and 60s psych rock. I’m scared of doctors that take my blood, I usually faint. I rock climbed for eighteen years doing trips around the world and almost died doing very dumb things at least ten times. I also spent a year meditating 6 hours a day and went crazy. Now, I’m a comedian.

You’re from Sydney, right?

I was born in Adelaide, lived 20 years in Sydney and hope to die in Perth.

Tell us why this year sucked for you, if it didn’t, then explain that too.

Sucked? What are you talking about? The world’s going to shit, what’s new? Every year the world’s going to end. I spent 6 months laughing and touring with my good friends. I didn’t die, go to jail or get a neck tattoo. Good year.

What were your comedic highlights in 2016 (biggest events, awards etc)?

I was Nominated for best comedy at fringe world festival, that was cool. I sold out all 23 nights at Edinburgh fringe for my show “Alcohol is good for you”. I also performed at my biggest show to a 1000 people, that’s a lot of people listening to the nonsense you thought up drunk on a pub toilet. I was able to perform in some amazing new places like Malta and Amsterdam.

What was your favourite show you performed at this year?

The Comedy Boxing shows in Edinburgh got crazy. One show, an audience member pulled a knife on us. I performed at a festival in Nimbin and I asked the crowd what drugs they were on and 80% of the crowd said they were on LSD. They were the best audience ever, they laughed at everything; the set ups, the silence, the flavour and colour of the joke. It was the easiest show ever, I said to them “you guys are laughing so much, you don’t even need me.” One guy yelled at me, “Don’t go! You’re pretty funny for a lamp post!”. One man yelled “juice!” and he got an applause break.

You’ve met a lot of big comedians and performed at some world renowned festivals – can you tell us any funny stories from behind the scenes?

At the Melbourne Comedy Festival artist bar, Jim Jefferies was polite enough to introduce himself to me. He was wearing a silver crocodile skin suit. Jim: Hi, I’m Jim. Me: Nice suit, do you have a matching handbag? Jim: Who’s this faggot? (Jim walks away) Me: Jim Jefferies called me a faggot. What an honour.

I realise now that alcohol is actually not good for you unless you enjoy being pushed around in a shopping trolley at 3am down cobblestone streets in Edinburgh looking for your pants and the circus clown who stole said pants.

Give us hope that 2017 is going to be better than 2016 – what’s in the pipelines for you next year?

Hope?  Yuck.  Enjoy your life and make fun of everything. Trump is president of the most influential country in the world. Either get angry and do something or learn to laugh and take up nihilism. What’s in the pipelines? Me. Stop flushing. I may move overseas and make a movie. Actually, I think I’ll move into a trailer, make some kids and raise them to be accountants.

Do you want to see Sam Kissajukian perform?

Well, you’re in luck!  Here’s his upcoming Festival shows you can see at Perth’s Fringe World Festival from January to February 2017.

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Click the image to find out more