It’s the week before the Fringe World Festival kicks off – so naturally, something unfortunate was bound to happen.  Last week, we received the worst news imaginable when were notified that sadly Skye Bar and Hidden Bar have gone into receivership.

Obviously, our team are saddened and disappointed to hear about the closure of Hidden Bar.  We have been working closely with their staff leading up to the Festival – and for the past two years.  We have built great relationships with their management team and our thoughts are with them and their staff.  We wish them all well in the future and hope this unfortunate situation is handled correctly and fairly.

With that said, our kick-ass team have secured two amazing new venues with the help of the good folks at Fringe World Festival.  We’re pleased to announce we have been able to add 10 additional shows to our Perth Tour.

New Venue & New Dates Confirmed

Our Laugh Mob team & Fringe World have been working together to secure new venues for all of Laugh Mob’s shows.  We are pleased to announce we have locked in two new venues with larger capacity and even more shows for the 2017 festival.

Universal Bar & Hellenic Club of WA

We have secured two new venues for our 45 Fringe World Festival shows – Universal Bar will be hosting the lion’s share of our events, kicking off on the 22nd of January with Late Night LOL’s and Alcohol Is Good For You.

Hellenic Club boasts an even bigger capacity, which means even more laughs for our shows starting from the 20th of January.


Tickets will be transferred

We have already sold a surprisingly large amount of tickets to our shows (yay), which means that there are many of you wondering what will happen with their tickets.  Don’t fret, the folk at Fringe World Festival are on the case.

To reduce the impact on affected presenters we are locating alternate performance spaces that are:

(a) in close proximity to the Skye Bar; and

(b) will allow the ticket holders to keep the majority of their session dates and times as planned.

FRINGE WORLD is managing all communications with customers who have purchased tickets, which will roll out within the next few days.

FRINGE WORLD share the Skye Bar’s disappointment about this unfortunate situation and are committed to moving as quickly as possible to assist affected ticket holders to inform them of the newly arranged shows at alternative venues.

Thank you to all our customers for your patience and understanding – for any questions related to this please feel free to contact the Festival organisers on [email protected].