Gaming Under the Influence

January 17, 2020 - February 16, 2020
11:45 pm
Rooftop Terrace Bar at Universal Bar
Perth Fringe World
Laugh Mob
Gaming Under the Influence

Rival comedians compete for your affection with jokes, do far too many shots, and then battle head to head with different live challenges and video games nightly. Unpredictable hilarity with audience interaction throughout, different games every night, and intoxicated comedians make for a new and unique show every night.

No skill required to enjoy this nightly dose of live arcade-style chaos. Bring a drink or five, dust off your gaming knowledge and come enjoy a night of competitive insanity between comedians and, occasionally, audience members. Be one of the lucky audience members to score a token and you’ll help control the action by making the games more difficult, offering help through a “cheat code”, or even forcing them to drink more!

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