Digital Marketing Strategy

Laugh Mob has a unique opportunity to grab hold of the comedy digital space with little to no competition.  Right now, there are few other competitors on Google AdWords – which means that we can take the best words people in Sydney are searching on Google and display our landing pages to encourage unique visitors to buy tickets to our shows.

Digital Ticketing

By having our tickets online, I have already set up sales funnels to start channeling search traffic through to sell tickets to unique visitors from Google, Facebook and more.

Key Words

Using organic and paid SEO tactics, we can use specific key words that people are searching on Google to attract these unique visitors.

Targeted Ads

Using Google & Facebook,  we can run ad campaigns to promote our shows even more (I know where doing this already on Facebook, I’d be keen to see the results!).

Combined Strategy

Using all of these tools together will help us massively.  There’s a huge world out there in the digital space.  We can capture a share of it very easily!

Choosing the right KeyWords

Using tools on my AdWords account, I’ve found the top words for Google searches in relation to comedy in Australia.  I have already listed these on the website; an excellent way to improve Laugh Mob’s ranking on Google would be to start doing more blogs using these KeyWords.

Top “comedy” related keyword terms over time:

comedy, stand up comedy, comedy club, comedy store, comedians, comedy theatre, stand up, comedy show, comedy shows, comedy nights, comedy night, black comedy, british comedy, australian comedy, comedy festival

These terms are searched up to 1M times a month in Australia.

Our Digital Channels

These areas are where I would recommend we focus our attention and budget towards.  I believe we can do a majority of our digital marketing for free if we’re smart and work hard at it.  However, to boost our efforts, paying for Facebook Ads and Google Adwords would be beneficial.

Free vs. Paid

I have a client who I do weekly blogs for.  We’ve seen an increase of 150% in terms of traffic (from around 100 visitors a day to 150) just from these posts.  That’s the power of free strategies.

The best thing I could suggest is to you have each writing blogs at least once a month.  Even if it’s solely an article to tell people where you’re gigging, a  “This is what I’m doing this month” post would help drive traffic to the site and increase our score on Google.

When we have a bigger tour coming up, that is when I would recommend we start spending money for traffic.

  • Digital Ticketing 100%
  • Website Blogging 100%
  • Event Listing Sites 100%
  • SEO (Organic) 100%
  • Google AdWords 25%
  • Facebook Ads 50%

Event Ticketing

Having our event ticketing on the website will help us a lot with SEO and visibility on Google!  We should make sure we’re updating our calendar and not losing our focus in this area.

Let's Get Our Merch Up!!!

I’ve set up all the software to have our e-commerce store online and ready to go.  Let’s get your merchandise up for sell guys!!!  I need you to send me the details, photo’s, sizes and prices.

Open to your feedback and thoughts!

I’m keen to help you guys out – as always, it’s all a collaborative effort.